All about us

We have focused on designing, manufacturing and distributing premium quality plush and gift products throughout North America since 1988. The Company is privately owned.

Our principal products are souvenir, licenced, gift, promotional/charity plush and fashion and sterling silver jewellery. Major customer categories include tourist locations, airports, hotels, card and gift shops, corporate promotional products and charities.

The Company markets its products under several proprietary trade names, including our popular Canned Critters® collection of plush animals in a can, as well as Cape Coco™ Jewellery.

Northern has been designing, creating, manufacturing and distributing custom plush toys throughout North America for the last 25 years. The Company produces high quality plush at competitive prices for the Canadian, American and Caribbean market. In addition, we have a proven track record of developing and implementing successful licensing programs. Northern has partnered with Disney, Universal Studios and other licensors designing and implementing licence programs for many popular brands, including Curious George, Anne of Green Gables, the RCMP, Smokey Bear, Sparky the
Fire Dog, Robert Bateman Get to Know, and The Children's Miracle Network.

In 2007 Northern was awarded the exclusive rights to design and produce the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots. Working closely with the organising commitee, the Company became one of the most successful licensees of the Vancouver 2010 games.

Over the years, Northern Gifts has developed a reputation for producing superior quality products at reasonable prices while maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity in all our business dealings. We are dedicated to continuing this tradition.

Northern Gifts is great to work with: they are quick to respond to our questions, happy to work through any challendges we encounter, and are very organized to ensure all of our requests are met. Northern Gifts has provided us with excellent service and high quality products, and it is with pleasure that I recommend them. I look forward to working with them again this year!~ Corporate mascot client